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There are many ways to grab yourself a lucrative job in the Food and Drink manufacturing sector. We are lucky to have a range of centres of excellence which offer courses which can lead you into the sector.

Food Manufacturing is now the UK’s largest manufacturing sector with a turnover of more than £80billion a year and exports of over £12billion.

It’s the sector that’s home to some of Britain’s most famous brands and, as we all need to eat, it’s been relatively unaffected by the downturn so offers good job security as well as competitive pay levels and great career opportunities.

The National Skills Academy for Food & Drink is a single source for specialist industry training. Our training providers range from prestigious universities and colleges to expert consultancies and trainers. Each one has been rigorously vetted to ensure they have the right industry experience, capabilities and capacity to ensure courses and flexible study programmes deliver real, tangible benefits.

For a full list of courses please visit www.foodanddrink.nsacademy.co.uk