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What's great about the food & drink industry?

The food and drink industry is well known for its world-class quality produce. There’s plenty of room to grow with increasing demand for new products and healthier alternatives – making it an exciting and innovative sector to work in.

Often described as ‘farm to fork’ or ‘gate to plate’ the food and drink industry covers the growing and producing of food (primary production) through to the manufacturing, processing and retail of food.

From designing high-tech robots to developing new products and everything in between, there’s loads of exciting things your students could choose to do in food and drink. 

No matter where your students interests lie, there are careers across agriculture, production, product development, logistics, sales, marketing, finance and more, and they all require different skill levels.

And for as long as the growing population needs to eat and drink, there will always be a global demand and we’ll need to keep improving our technology. That means more engineers, scientists and mathematicians too. 


  • Opportunities for all levels of qualifications
  • Rewarding careers with rapid career progression
  • High average pay compared to other industries
  • Working in a fast paced environment which is constantly growing to keep up with consumer demands

The food and drink industry is made up of a broad range of careers, which all require different skills and interests. It looks set to grow quickly as global demand for our products increases.

To meet future challenges of food security and climate change, we’ll be using more innovative and automated technologies, which will drive demand for engineers, scientists and mathematicians – we’ll need highly skilled individuals to help us overcome these challenges.