Bite Size Blog: Dairy Technology

Monday, October 03, 2016 - 10:00

Considering the UK eats 600,000 tonnes of cheese every year, there must be a whole lot of demand for it. That’s where Dairy Technologists come into play by deciding how they will supply cheese to meet the changing demands. They implement new technologies, make use of dairy science and conduct data analysis.

Here is a simplified example of the process a Dairy Technologist goes through when manufacturing butter on a day to day basis:

If you’re interested in salary rates for a job in dairy technology it doesn’t disappoint. For more experienced professionals or if you have a Foundation Degree in Dairy Technology (or similar) then salaries can be £30,000-£40,000.

For those who want the latest stats and news in the world of dairy then organisations are out there to keep you informed. The Society of Dairy Technology gives out new insights and networking opportunities in the industry. They also hold an annual dinner with a range of dairy professional speakers. For the full benefits of the society memberships or guest accounts are available on their website.

The skills for this kind of job involve good communication, having great attention to detail and a technical know-how. These will come with practice where you will perfect your knowledge in dairy chemistry, microbiology and other workplace practices by putting it to the test. Learning all of the dairy manufacturing processes will also become an essential part of the job.

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