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As the HR Business Partner for your food company you’ll work closely with the senior managers to make sure that all of the HR systems and processes properly support strategic business aims.
This means that you’ll be fully aware of all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, in order to be an effective strategic advisor to the senior management and to help them achieve their objectives.
As well as providing advice you’ll share in the responsibility for improved business performance and make sure that the delivery of all HR services is excellent at all times.

Category: HR
You’ll be responsible for co-ordinating, leading and managing your company’s HR operations.
You’ll also develop all of the personnel policies and procedures for your company and make sure that these are implemented consistently across the organisation.
As HR Manager you’ll also have to keep yourself on top of legislation and how it could affect your company, and advise senior management accordingly.

Category: HR
As a hygiene operative you’ll play an important role for the food company in which you’re employed.
You’ll work across all of the production areas and be responsible for ensuring that all machines and the actual building meet strict standards of hygiene at all times.

Category: Technical & Quality
As the company help desk manager you’ll be responsible for the training, supervising and motivating of a team of support personnel who troubleshoot company IT issues and provide the first line of support for all other IT using staff.
Your team have to resolve any technical problems which arise with computerised systems or devices in a timely, effective and friendly manner that ensures minimum lost time and provides satisfactory outcomes.

Category: IT
As the company IT network manager you’ll oversee the design, installation and maintenance of your company’s IT systems.
You’ll need to have plans in place to repair systems and recover programmes in double quick time, so that business disruption is minimised.

Category: IT
You’ll oversee the planning, development and installation of updated and brand new IT systems that meet the needs of the food company for which you’re employed.
You’ll have to make sure that everything connected with your IT project is co-ordinated effectively and runs to schedule and on budget.
The role will suit someone who is well organised and enjoys solving problems although, of course, IT knowledge is essential.

Category: IT
Your job as an IT Service Manager means you’ll be leading the IT team for your company (or perhaps a business unit or site), so this is a senior role.
You’ll design, develop and oversee the maintenance of all of your company’s IT services.

Category: IT
As an IT Technician you’ll be sorting out software and hardware issues for your company’s computer users.
You’ll identify and diagnose computer problems, monitor company IT systems, set up equipment, and ensure that everything works as it should.
You’ll be one of the company experts in all aspects of IT usage and everyone will be relying on you to ensure that their issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Category: IT