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HR Business Partner

What’s it all about then?

As the HR Business Partner for your food company you’ll work closely with the senior managers to make sure that all of the HR systems and processes properly support strategic business aims.

This means that you’ll be fully aware of all aspects of the business and the environment in which it operates, in order to be an effective strategic advisor to the senior management and to help them achieve their objectives.

As well as providing advice you’ll share in the responsibility for improved business performance and make sure that the delivery of all HR services is excellent at all times.

What might I be doing?

Many companies have different views on the exact nature of the role of HR Business Partner and what it involves, but you’ll likely have many of the following responsibilities:

  • Influencing the strategy of the company from the HR perspective
  • Developing and implementing HR processes which will impact positively on company performance
  • Shape the structure of the company to improve performance
  • Match resource capability to business strategy
  • Identify key HR measures of performance
  • Monitoring quality of HR service provision and taking effective action when improvements are required
  • Acting as an independent advisor
  • Leading company change management projects
  • Developing suitable business succession processes.
  • Providing up to the minute expert advice on HR related matters

What will be expected of me?

You’ll have to understand the business inside and out so that you can contribute effectively to management and strategic thinking.

Your communication, organisational and negotiation skills will have to be top notch for all aspects of the HR Business Partner role, particularly when you’re providing advice to your senior colleagues and driving through new policies and strategies which will lead to improved company performance.

This is a job for an extremely confident and pro-active person and you’ll need to be self-sufficient as the HR who is embedded into the operational structure of the company.

What can I expect?

You will work whatever hours are required to provide the support necessary for the senior managers; although this will typically fall into normal office hours you’ll likely have to work outside of these occasionally, particularly when the strategies to which you’ve contributed are being implemented.

The job is extremely variable and you can expect to have to slip into and out of the various roles as the need arises.

The role of HR Business Partner is a fantastic way of developing your wider company experience, leadership and strategic skills.

What about the pay?

The financial rewards for the HR Business Partner are excellent with average salaries well in excess of £30,000 and this can be considerably more, depending on the exact nature of the role.

Please remember these figures are purely given as a rough guide, and may vary considerably.

What qualifications do I need to get in?

The HR Business Partner role is a senior post and you will already have a lot of experience working in a company HR department dealing with day to day issues that arise, rather than thinking and working from a more strategic perspective.

It is extremely likely that you will have, as a minimum, full membership of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development

As well as this, the very least you’ll need is degree either in Human Resource Management or a similar qualification that has HRM as a major component.

Because of your experience you may also have studied CIPD qualifications previously which include:

  • CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in HR Practice
  • CIPD Level 3 course in Learning and Development Practice

What about further training?

There are loads of CIPD specialist qualifications available on a part time basis and these are delivered in the local FE Colleges.

You could also consider the MSc in Human Resource Management or, for a wider base of experience, a Master of Business Administration degree would be very useful and these are widely available.

Anything else I might need to know?

Yes, the role of HR Business Partner is the job which could well propel you into the role of HR Director.

This job has become increasingly popular in the last number of years providing the company HR department with a pro-active strategic role – however remember that the role and its responsibilities can vary significantly from employer to employer.