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The food photographer takes pictures of food for packaging, magazine articles, cookbooks, and advertisements.

The pictures taken must evoke the delicious smell, texture and taste of the product and this takes a high degree of expertise to get absolutely right every time.

It’s all about getting prospective customers to buy the product!...

Category: Packaging
As a Packaging Designer, you’ll be responsible for the creation of attractive, functional packaging for food products made by your company.

You’ll probably spend about a third to a half of your time actually designing packaging - and the rest working on production costs, meeting with colleagues to discuss your work and meeting with customers to fine-tune what you’re designing....

Category: Packaging
You’ll be your company’s expert when it comes to identifying and developing new packaging technologies and designs from first thoughts through to commercial roll-out.

You’ll use your knowledge of various packaging technologies to ensure that the packaging you develop meets rigorous standards....

Category: Packaging
As Packaging Manager you’ll be responsible for all of the work in your company that is related to product packaging, so you’ll lead a department that provides accurate and timely provision of packaging information, new packaging development, stock management, forecasting and customer relationship management....

Category: Packaging