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As an abattoir worker you’ll be part of a team responsible for managing the livestock slaughtering process and preparing the meat for sale.

This is an important and responsible job and you must absolutely ensure that all of the animals that you work with are treated and processed humanely.

Category: Butchery
As a butcher your role is literally hands on and you’ll be responsible for cutting and preparing various meats, either for a large processor or in a smaller retail shop.

You could be working as part of a team or by yourself but, either way, you’ll become highly skilled at what is a very rewarding profession.

Large meat processors supply their products to a wide range of businesses such as supermarkets and restaurants, whilst the smaller retail butcher will sell directly to the customer.

Category: Butchery
As a Meat Hygiene Inspector, you’ll work in a slaughterhouse or meat processing plant and ensure that all meat is being produced safely and in accordance with relevant laws.

Category: Butchery