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What are Tasty Tours?

We think it’s important for students to understand how their food is made, the manufacturing process involved and how it gets from the field to their table.

In order to do this, we give groups of school children the opportunity to have a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the best Welsh food & drink manufacturing businesses.

What does a Tasty Tour include?

A Tasty Tour is a half-day full of learning, projects and challenges.

It starts with an introduction from the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink giving an overview of the industry as whole. This is then followed by a welcome from the business and information on what the students should expect throughout the day.

The group is then taken on a tour around the business’s food or drink factory/manufacturing area, where they will be shown a product being made and the steps involved to turn it into the finished item.

The afternoon is then based in a classroom environment, where the students will be given a project or workshop based on what they have seen during their morning tour.