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What are tasty ambassadors?

Tasty Careers Ambassadors are young people selected by their employers to represent both their company and the food & drink manufacturing industry. It is a structured schools and college outreach programme managed by the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink (NSAFD). Tasty Careers Ambassadors are trained to deliver presentations to schools local to their business, representing not just their employer, but the sector as a whole. They are provided will all the tools and information required to do this as part of the training.

Case studies from Tasty Ambassadors are placed on the Tasty Careers website which provides a handy reference for both teachers and students wanting to find out what careers in food or drink manufacturing can involve, plus the broad range of jobs undertaken in any food or drink business.

About the training programme

The Tasty Careers Ambassador programme came about as a result of research back in 2009, involving UK secondary schools. The research showed that students lacked any real understanding of what local businesses, involved in food and drinks manufacturing, really did – they knew food came from farmers’ fields and ended up on supermarket shelves but had little idea of what happened in between. There was clearly a very low level of awareness of the wide range of jobs and the sheer variety of career opportunities on offer. Food and drink simply wasn't on the students radar.

How an ambassador can help you

Tasty Careers Ambassadors can be booked to visit your school with the aim of encouraging students to think about future study and career options, and to think about choosing the kind of courses valued in food and drink food businesses. We want them to be aware of what’s on offer and consider the education options and many vocational courses and qualifications available in secondary, further education and even higher education that open the door to a successful career within the industry.

Some students may be ready to think about a food and drink career straight after school – others may be looking further ahead. But food and drink careers will only be on their roadmap with your input.