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Preparation for Exams

Monday, April 02, 2018 - 10:00

Exams are looming and this can be tough and tiring. Here at Tasty Careers we’re sharing our top tips with you to get you prepared to make sure you go into those exams feeling the best you can and doing the best you can!  

1. Time

Give yourself enough time to prepare. You find out in advance of exams, the dates and times so there is nothing stopping you from getting your preparation underway early too. In doing this, you won’t be as stressed and will feel more in control of what lies ahead. This is better than starting a few days beforehand (which we all know can be a bad idea!).

2. Sleep

Your brain needs time to digest and process everything that you’ve been learning, if you stay up all night or have late night revision sessions, this may do more harm than good. Get yourself into a routine where you’re looking to get around 7/8 hours a night, this will help so much! Going to bed with a clear mind is important too, going to bed stressed will keep your brain alert, making it hard for you to sleep. Give yourself an hour before bed to relax and destress, try and avoid your phone if you can do, they have a knack of keeping you up and alert as well.

3. Food

Exam time always brings an element of stress and when this happens it’s hard to stay healthily too, often reaching for the quickest fix we can find (normally that bar of chocolate or packet of sweets). Feeding yourself with nutritious foods such as fish, nuts, fruit and vegetables and good carbohydrates are scientifically proven to help concentration and memory levels, two vital things when preparing for exams.

4. Study Space

What sort of study space works for you? “Organised Chaos” or “Less is more”? Whatever your preferred way to lay out your study space, try and find a designated area where you can solely dedicate to exam preparation. This will help you subconsciously know that this is your time and area to work but also means you have everything in one place, meaning no vital revision notes get lost!

5. Exercise

It has been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power and act as a de-stresser, what’s not to like about that?! Whether you take a walk on a revision break, go to the gym or an exercise class with your friends, there’s so many ways you can get some exercise in. This is a great time to get out and feel refreshed ready to come back and tackle your revision or up-coming exams.

6. Rewards yourself

If you struggle with motivating yourself when preparing for exams, how about setting some rewards? Do a past paper or learn one of the hardest sections of your exams and once you have, go and treat yourself. This could be anything you like, going to the cinema to see that new film, watching that latest episode of your favourite series, catching up with your friends over coffee, lunch or dinner (no exam talk is allowed though), baking or cooking. You get the idea! Set yourself rewards that will make you want to get that exam preparation done and dusted!

So, there we have it, some of our top tips to get you well and truly on the way and now we’ve covered these, keep up with our page to see our next blog post on ways to help with revision for these exams!