Want to enter the ECOTROPHELIA UK Competition?

Friday, January 13, 2017 - 14:02

ECOTROPHELIA UK is the national competition for the creation of eco-innovative food products.  The winning UK team goes on to represent the UK at the European final and in 2016 went on to secure the bronze award.  The competition is organised jointly by the Institute of Food Science & Technology and Campden BRI. 

The competition is open to teams of students registered at a university or other establishment of scientific/technical higher education.  Ideally teams should be made up of between 4 and 6 students, but may have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10.  Only students who are 35 years or under on the day of the UK competition are eligible.  Interested in taking part? 

2017 Competition Open! - Find out how to enter

Last year the UK winning team went on to win bronze in the European finals with their vegan ice cream.

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