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Battle of the Nerves

Monday, May 07, 2018 - 14:30

Whether you’ve got an interview for your ideal placement or grad job, you’re GCSE or A level exams, we all get nervous; It’s actually a sign that you take what you’re doing seriously, so don’t be too harsh on yourself, it’s all relevant to you!

We don’t want your nerves to get in the way of you doing your best, so here’s some top tips on combatting them.

Be Positive

We know this can be easier said than done but it’s really important for you to have a positive mindset, try to avoid negative words such as “can’t” “won’t” “no way” “failure”. You will have a much more positive and confident outlook if you think positive thoughts, you must tell yourself you can, you will and you will succeed. Thinking positively is proven to make you appear and feel more confident, give it a go!

Practice Makes Perfect

If it’s an interview you’re worried about, get some exemplar questions off the internet and grab someone to act out an interview scenario, familiarise yourself with information that may be helpful, the company background, the role itself.

STAR Technique

The best way to communicate answers during interviews and some exams is to use the STAR technique. This is:

Situation – setting the scene

Task – describing the purpose

Action – explain what you did

Result – explain and share the outcome or impact this had. 

This is a solid structure that is proven to be impressive and successful in these type of situations, if you have this in your head, you keep to the important facts and details and don’t have to worry about maybe going off topic with your nerves.


Sometimes when we get nervous, our breathing patterns can speed up which can make your body anxious. Focus on breathing techniques, calmly and slowly to avoid this. This will help give you a clear mind and help you think in a straightforward manner.


The night before a big event can sometimes can make it hard to sleep, whether it is nervous excitement or anxiousness, lack of sleep can be a trigger for nerves. Make sure you try get some sleep, prepare yourself for bed with a calming, quiet routine. Take yourself away from electronic devices, take a bath, read a book, wind down easily, you will thank yourself in the morning!


A coffee or an energy drink that gives you a caffeine fix, you may think is a good way to deal with nerves and give you a boost of energy but this is not the case. Caffeine can make you jittery and nervous so you definitely don’t want this on top of the nerves you already have. If you need a drink of some sort, try a herbal tea, these contain caffeine but do have calming effects.

Speak to a Professional

Of course, sometimes nerves can be a lot more serious and that is nothing to be ashamed of, if this is the case seek some help and speak to a professional. They are trained in these areas and will have seen and helped so many others just like you!

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