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Production Operations, Supply Chain & Logistics, Apprenticeship
Your job as a bottler will be based around the operation of bottling machinery and you’ll be responsible for one or more parts of this process.

Category: Production Operations
In this specialised position within a food company you’ll be responsible for overseeing and implementing improvements to process and procedures ensuring that optimal levels of performance are achieved.
As well as this, you’ll be expected to review processes and procedures with a view to refining and improving them.

Category: Production Operations
Manufacturing managers are responsible for the planning and running of the manufacturing side of food companies. This role requires considerable skills in human resource management, performance management and strategic planning.

Manufacturing managers must be familiar with the range of the food processes in their company and be able to assess the financial impact of their decisions upon the business....

Category: Production Operations
Your job as Operations Team Leader in a food manufacturing company is to make sure that your team of production operatives work together to achieve production targets.

You’ll be responsible for everything that affects your production area during your shift - which means you need to be constantly on the ball making sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to with no problems that might cause shortages or bottlenecks which could lead to customers not receiving orders on time....

Category: Production Operations
As a Planner in a food company you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the correct products are made efficiently and to the right quality, for delivery to customers.
This means you’ll work with a variety of different people from sales through to production in order to construct a suitable production schedule.
You’ll also have to ensure that all of the raw materials are in place for use by your production colleagues in line with your schedules.
In a small company the role of planner might be combined with other functions whilst, in a larger organisation you’ll likely be part of a planning team.
Your ultimate responsibility is achieving and attaining a 100% level of customer service.

Category: Supply Chain & Logistics
Production Managers are responsible for the activities of food manufacturing departments at companies that operate shift systems. They manage teams of production staff and schedule production activities to ensure orders are met at the correct time. They must be able to understand and implement a variety of food-processing techniques and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment....

Category: Production Operations
As a skilled member of the food manufacturing team, you’ll be right at the heart of making some of the famous foods you see advertised every day on TV.

As a skilled operative you’ll have received specific training which will enable you to do your job to a high level of specification....

Category: Production Operations
This is a role which is vital to the continued profitability of the company.
As the company Supply Chain Manager you’ll be leading the team which transfers all of the products your company makes on to the end user; in the food sector this will be either a major supermarket retailer or a wholesale distribution business.
As well as this you’ll be responsible for organising the incoming raw materials and ensuring that these are brought in on time and to specification.
In short you’ll have responsibility for the movement of all goods through the business from raw material inputs, through the processing, and on to the final customer.

Category: Supply Chain & Logistics