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Finance, Management
You’ll be playing a key role in the finance department of your company and you’ll assist with the compiling and maintenance of financial records, processing of invoices, tax returns, and the preparation of company accounts.

You may also be involved with the handling of cash and the administration of the office that you work in.

In a larger food company, your role may be more specialised and, for example, you might deal with the company payroll or credit control.

Category: Finance
As a Business Analyst working in finance for a food manufacturer, you’ll understand the business operations of your company and recommend suggestions for improvement in order to assist in the achievement of financial and commercial targets.

Your role is to generate reports summarising financial data and presenting this information to the senior management of the company...

Category: Finance
The Commercial Manager of any food company is a senior member of management and will oversee areas of company performance affecting cost, policy, procedure and strategy.

These areas include contract negotiation, project planning, employee performance and the managing of any risks identified by the company....

Category: Finance
As a financial manager in a food processing or manufacturing company you’ll be responsible for providing financial and analytical support, and using your insight to assist the sales and profitability of your employer and ensuring that important decision-making around financial issues is effective and based on sound knowledge.

You’ll monitor company financial performance and make sure that all financial data is both accurate and timely and as well as keeping up with industry and market trends in order to assist senior management with strategic business planning...

Category: Finance
As a Management Accountant working for a food company you’ll combine your skills in accounting, finance and management to prepare and analyse important financial information.
Your work will then be used by company management to make well informed decisions relating to future development and profitability.

Category: Finance