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Apprentice, Engineering
You’ll manage the maintenance function in your company which means looking after all the plant and equipment in the company or your part of it.

You’ll have responsibility for leading the maintenance team, preventive maintenance systems, spare parts and stores.

Your job will involve making sure that breakdowns leading to lost production are minimised and everything proceeds smoothly and on schedule.

This means planning, directing and coordinating activities on day to basis.

Category: Engineering
The role of section leader (sometimes called a supervisor) is one where you provide supervisory management to a maintenance team of fitters, electricians, multi-skilled staff and apprentices.
You’ll provide the link between the operational and administrative parts of the engineering department and will report to the engineering manager or equivalent.

Category: Engineering
Engineers form a critical part of a food & drink manufacturing and are in very high demand – get qualified and you’ve a great career ahead of you. With many sites working 24/7 and processes becoming ever more automated, the need for equipment and machinery to be well maintained and available for use at all times is vital to production.

A range of Engineering and Engineering Maintenance roles exist across Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. Most food manufacturing and processing companies will employ Multi-Skilled Engineers and more specialist Automation / Electrical Engineers.

Category: Engineering
You’ll be responsible for overseeing the day to day maintenance function within your company, which means organising repairs as well as planning preventive maintenance activities.
You provide the link between the maintenance team and the production department and also organise outside contractors if they’re needed.

Category: Engineering
You’ll be one of your company’s maintenance team responsible for making sure all of the machinery and equipment runs smoothly and doesn’t break down.
This team is responsible for all of the repair work and preventive maintenance activities within the production department of the food company.
So you’re likely to be a fitter or an electrician or possibly a combination of both of these, known as a multi-skilled technician.

Category: Engineering
As a project engineer working in the food manufacturing sector your job is to make sure that all project work is completed on schedule and within budget; this could be capital projects such as purchase and installation of new equipment through to improvement work that you may be involved with.
You’ll be the manager for the entire project from initial conception, through design, purchase and installation, to final commissioning and sign off.
You’ll have to balance a whole range of factors in order to get your projects completed with a minimum of disruption to your company’s activities.

Category: Engineering