Job Descriptions

Your job as an IT Service Manager means you’ll be leading the IT team for your company (or perhaps a business unit or site), so this is a senior role.
You’ll design, develop and oversee the maintenance of all of your company’s IT services.

As an IT Technician you’ll be sorting out software and hardware issues for your company’s computer users.
You’ll identify and diagnose computer problems, monitor company IT systems, set up equipment, and ensure that everything works as it should.
You’ll be one of the company experts in all aspects of IT usage and everyone will be relying on you to ensure that their issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

As the Learning & Development Co-ordinator working in a food manufacturing environment you’ll be responsible for ensuring that everyone in the company from top level to factory floor is encouraged to make themselves as useful to the business as possible through learning and development.
You’ll be assessing the levels of skills and knowledge of staff at every level of the company and taking the action needed to maintain and develop these skills for the ultimate benefit of your employer.
You’ll be responsible for all of the administrative work needed to ensure that all of the training programmes run successfully.

As the Learning & Development Manager for a food company you’ll be responsible for all of the learning and professional development of the workforce.
It’s a strategic role and you’ll be assessing the levels of skills and knowledge of staff at every level of the company and taking the action needed to maintain and develop these skills for the ultimate benefit of your employer.
This means determining the best training initiatives that will equip staff to best carry out their jobs and develop their careers; you might design and deliver this training yourself or bring in external experts as required.

You’ll be responsible for overseeing the day to day maintenance function within your company, which means organising repairs as well as planning preventive maintenance activities.
You provide the link between the maintenance team and the production department and also organise outside contractors if they’re needed.

You’ll be one of your company’s maintenance team responsible for making sure all of the machinery and equipment runs smoothly and doesn’t break down.
This team is responsible for all of the repair work and preventive maintenance activities within the production department of the food company.
So you’re likely to be a fitter or an electrician or possibly a combination of both of these, known as a multi-skilled technician.

As a Management Accountant working for a food company you’ll combine your skills in accounting, finance and management to prepare and analyse important financial information.
Your work will then be used by company management to make well informed decisions relating to future development and profitability.

Manufacturing managers are responsible for the planning and running of the manufacturing side of food companies. This role requires considerable skills in human resource management, performance management and strategic planning.

Manufacturing managers must be familiar with the range of the food processes in their company and be able to assess the financial impact of their decisions upon the business....

Your job will be to support the work of the other members of the marketing department and you’ll be heavily involved in your company marketing campaigns....

You’ll be involved in the planning, development and implementation integrated marketing campaigns which promote one or more of your company’s products, or the company itself.

Your aim is to help maximise profits through increased sales or market share on the company’s range of products by developing sales strategies that fit with the needs of your customer base....