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As a general farm worker you’ll carry out practical work on livestock, arable or mixed farms.

The type of work varies seasonally and involves tasks which could include looking after livestock, milking, and planting tending and harvesting crops.

As well as farming related work you’ll also help with the maintenance and upkeep of the farm equipment and buildings.

Category: Agriculture
Your job as a herdsperson involves looking after the livestock on a farm.
This means responsibility for ensuring all of the animals are properly nourished and that the farm complies with health and welfare laws.
You’ll also be responsible for achieving all output targets for growth and milking etc. depending on what the farm produces.
Many farms have more than one type of business (e.g. dairy and beef) so you’ll be kept busy; you may also have a supervisory role.

Category: Agriculture
As a Horticultural Technician you’ll grow and nurture plants, vegetables, fruit, trees, shrubs and flowers.
You could be working in an educational or research establishment or for a commercial enterprise such as a landscape contractor or market gardener.

Category: Agriculture
As a Pig Technician you’ll carry out a number of specialist jobs on the farm including vaccinations and the use of computers to scan sows for pregnancy.
This is an important role on the pig farm and goes a long way to ensuring long term profitability.

Category: Agriculture
You’ll provide a range of professional and technical advice to farms and estates to help them make the best use of their land.
This means valuing property and other assets, advising on legal issues, and helping to develop the land to maximise profits
You might work across a number of related job areas of specialise in a number including the following:
• agriculture
• auctioneering and valuation
• environmental regulations and practices
• forestry and forests
• property management
This means that Rural Practice Surveyors may also be known by specialist titles such as Land Agent, Forester, Environmental Consultant, Property Manager etc.

Category: Agriculture
Soil is a natural and renewable resource, and is vital to the global primary production of food.
As a soil scientist you’ll gather, evaluate and interpret all scientific information about soils and soil resources and use this to improve agricultural production.
The efficient management of soil is also vital for the benefit of the environment and your research into the soil composition of various locations could be used to inform construction, landscaping and even agricultural projects.

Category: Agriculture
As a Technical Advisor you’ll offer specialist advice and support to farmers to make sure that the farm business is performing to its very best.
This could involve advising on crop production, livestock rearing practices, farm building construction and monitoring financial impacts on the business.
You’ll likely be specialised in one or two particular areas and you’ll work closely with farmers, growers, seed producers, and animal feed producers and so on.

Category: Agriculture
As a Unit Manager you’ll likely be employed on a large scale farm, and overseeing one part of the business e.g. milking, feeds, breeding etc.
You’ll have a lot of responsibility for ensuring that everything under your control runs efficiently in order to maximise business profitability.

Category: Agriculture