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The food photographer takes pictures of food for packaging, magazine articles, cookbooks, and advertisements.

The pictures taken must evoke the delicious smell, texture and taste of the product and this takes a high degree of expertise to get absolutely right every time.

It’s all about getting prospective customers to buy the product!...

Category: Packaging
Engineers form a critical part of a food & drink manufacturing and are in very high demand – get qualified and you’ve a great career ahead of you. With many sites working 24/7 and processes becoming ever more automated, the need for equipment and machinery to be well maintained and available for use at all times is vital to production.

A range of Engineering and Engineering Maintenance roles exist across Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. Most food manufacturing and processing companies will employ Multi-Skilled Engineers and more specialist Automation / Electrical Engineers.

Category: Engineering
You’ll be working in the countryside managing land for hunting and fishing purposes, and making sure that game such as pheasants, partridges, hares, deer and grouse thrive.
Although your income will be from organising shoots for clients, the work that you’ll do is very beneficial to the countryside in general and gamekeeping helps to ensure a balanced environment, which is very important.
You may also rear birds for release into the wild and this helps to strengthen numbers and supplement existing stocks.

Category: Agriculture
As a general farm worker you’ll carry out practical work on livestock, arable or mixed farms.

The type of work varies seasonally and involves tasks which could include looking after livestock, milking, and planting tending and harvesting crops.

As well as farming related work you’ll also help with the maintenance and upkeep of the farm equipment and buildings.

Category: Agriculture
Use you skills and expertise to reduce the risk of injuries, accidents and other health issues within your food manufacturing company.
You’ll ensure everyone in the company understands their responsibilities and fully complies with relevant health and safety legislation and associated company policies and ways of working.
You’ll be responsible for promoting a safe working culture in your company , have an eye for detail and be able to communicate effectively at all levels in your organisation.

Category: Health & Safety
Your job as a herdsperson involves looking after the livestock on a farm.
This means responsibility for ensuring all of the animals are properly nourished and that the farm complies with health and welfare laws.
You’ll also be responsible for achieving all output targets for growth and milking etc. depending on what the farm produces.
Many farms have more than one type of business (e.g. dairy and beef) so you’ll be kept busy; you may also have a supervisory role.

Category: Agriculture
As a Horticultural Technician you’ll grow and nurture plants, vegetables, fruit, trees, shrubs and flowers.
You could be working in an educational or research establishment or for a commercial enterprise such as a landscape contractor or market gardener.

Category: Agriculture
The HR Administrator has a role combining the roles of HR and Administration and is responsible for delivering a complete administrative service to the rest of the team.
You’ll be responsible for all of the information relevant to HR including record keeping and reporting and making sure that everything you do is carried out to a consistently high standard.
This means that you will provide a supporting role to a team of specialists and freeing them up to spend as much time as possible on high value activities; so, the role of HR Administrator is therefore extremely important.

Category: HR