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As Shift Engineer, you’ll be on the front line making sure that equipment runs smoothly to avoid delays and stoppages. It’s a really varied role, and you never know where you’ll be needed next, but you’ll always be ready to spring into action and face any problem you come across, quickly and effectively – with a safety first approach.

Category: Dairy
As a shift manager you’ll be responsible for the day-to-day production activity within the operating environment, whether that’s in production, packing or the warehouse.

Category: Dairy
New products and innovation are vital to future success. Your job as a development assistant will involve supporting the company product development technologists and manager to get their jobs done effectively.

You’ll be coordinating with other company departments and also suppliers and customers and making sure that everything runs smoothly and according to agreed procedures....

Category: New Product Development
The company development chef specialises in the development of new food products.
This normally happens by testing different recipes for products that maintain their flavour, appearance and texture after they’ve been processed, sold by the retailer and then reheated by the customer....

Category: New Product Development
New Product Development technologists work in the food industry to create food that is safe and attractive to customers.

You’re going to be concerned with planning the large scale manufacture of food products and this’ll involve producing samples and designing the processes that will enable these to be made in large quantities without any loss of quality or taste....

Category: New Product Development
As an Ecologist you’ll be helping to protect the natural world by studying the relationship between living organisms and the environment in which they live.
You could do this through conducting ecological surveys aimed at balancing the needs of the environment, suggesting ideas for effective land management or perhaps monitoring rural and urban areas of the country and reporting on any ecological risks or problems your work uncovers.
Often you will specialise in one particular area of ecology, perhaps a specific environment, or types of plants or animals.

Category: Agriculture
You’ll manage the maintenance function in your company which means looking after all the plant and equipment in the company or your part of it.

You’ll have responsibility for leading the maintenance team, preventive maintenance systems, spare parts and stores.

Your job will involve making sure that breakdowns leading to lost production are minimised and everything proceeds smoothly and on schedule.

This means planning, directing and coordinating activities on day to basis.

Category: Engineering
The role of section leader (sometimes called a supervisor) is one where you provide supervisory management to a maintenance team of fitters, electricians, multi-skilled staff and apprentices.
You’ll provide the link between the operational and administrative parts of the engineering department and will report to the engineering manager or equivalent.

Category: Engineering