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As a brand manager working for a food company, your responsibility is to create a lasting positive impression on one or more of your company’s products with consumers which leads to increased sales.

You’ll be developing, implementing and overseeing specific strategies which up the profiles of the products for which you have responsibility....

Category: Marketing
As a Business Analyst working in finance for a food manufacturer, you’ll understand the business operations of your company and recommend suggestions for improvement in order to assist in the achievement of financial and commercial targets.

Your role is to generate reports summarising financial data and presenting this information to the senior management of the company...

Category: Finance
You’ll be responsible for the implementation of your company’s growth plan and this means leading the sales team who sell the products.
You’ll identify and implement the best opportunities for your company’s successful growth and your business development plan around the company’s overall market strategy.
Increasing revenue and profit for a line of products or the company in general is the most important bit of the job.
You’ll also be responsible for finding and developing...

Category: Sales
As a butcher your role is literally hands on and you’ll be responsible for cutting and preparing various meats, either for a large processor or in a smaller retail shop.

You could be working as part of a team or by yourself but, either way, you’ll become highly skilled at what is a very rewarding profession.

Large meat processors supply their products to a wide range of businesses such as supermarkets and restaurants, whilst the smaller retail butcher will sell directly to the customer.

Category: Butchery
The role of the buyer is a key factor in the success of any food manufacturing company.
As a buyer your focus will be to source and purchase all of the raw materials needed for successful production at the best price available and within agreed quality specifications.

You’ll always be on the lookout for newer and better quality materials to keep your company ahead of the competition.

You’ll also have to ensure that everything required for production is available on time and that the correct amount of material is purchased to maximise cost and reduce waste.

Category: Buying
As a cake decorator you’ll spend your time creating great designs on cakes, normally for birthdays and weddings, or other special events.

Category: Bakery
As a Poultry Catcher you’ll be a member of a team travelling to a number of poultry farms on a daily basis and catching live birds, and loading them safely into module drawers for shipment.
You and the other team members will report to a Foreperson who makes sure that all of the work is carried out efficiently and on schedule, with the welfare of the birds a prime concern.

Category: Agriculture
As a Category Manager you’ll focus on the management of one or more categories of food products.
This will involve ensuring that enough resources are in place to make your products, keeping the correct inventory levels, and working with sales and marketing to promote the products set prices.

Category: Marketing