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As a Sales Manager you’ll lead a team of sales staff working towards agreed targets selling particular food products or possibly a wider range of products in a specific geographical area.
You’ll need to be a good planner and organiser and able to motivate through demonstrating your own skills and enthusiasm.
Your team could be selling to the major retailers or smaller networks of grocery shops.

Category: Sales
As a sales representative you’ll not only play a vital role in increasing sales to existing customers but also securing new business for your company.
Most sales reps are given a specific territory or product range to sell and the company will be depending on you to achieve good profit margins, maximum sales and account growth....

Category: Sales
As a skilled member of the food manufacturing team, you’ll be right at the heart of making some of the famous foods you see advertised every day on TV.

As a skilled operative you’ll have received specific training which will enable you to do your job to a high level of specification....

Category: Production Operations
Soil is a natural and renewable resource, and is vital to the global primary production of food.
As a soil scientist you’ll gather, evaluate and interpret all scientific information about soils and soil resources and use this to improve agricultural production.
The efficient management of soil is also vital for the benefit of the environment and your research into the soil composition of various locations could be used to inform construction, landscaping and even agricultural projects.

Category: Agriculture
This is a role which is vital to the continued profitability of the company.
As the company Supply Chain Manager you’ll be leading the team which transfers all of the products your company makes on to the end user; in the food sector this will be either a major supermarket retailer or a wholesale distribution business.
As well as this you’ll be responsible for organising the incoming raw materials and ensuring that these are brought in on time and to specification.
In short you’ll have responsibility for the movement of all goods through the business from raw material inputs, through the processing, and on to the final customer.

Category: Supply Chain & Logistics
As a Systems Development Manager working in a food company you’ll be responsible for improving the company IT systems and incorporating new technology as required.
These improvements mean updating current IT and also producing, installing and implementing new computer systems, networks and related software.
You’ll also advise and recommend improvements for future IT developments.

Category: IT
As a Technical Advisor you’ll offer specialist advice and support to farmers to make sure that the farm business is performing to its very best.
This could involve advising on crop production, livestock rearing practices, farm building construction and monitoring financial impacts on the business.
You’ll likely be specialised in one or two particular areas and you’ll work closely with farmers, growers, seed producers, and animal feed producers and so on.

Category: Agriculture
As a Technical Brewer you’ll be responsible for managing the production of lagers, ales, porters and stouts and ensuring that all the products are of high quality.

Category: Production Operations