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As a PR Manager specialising in food and drink you could be working as part of a client account team in an external agency that concentrates on the industry or within an in-house department of a major food manufacturer and food brand owner...

Category: PR
In this job you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the food manufacturing process complies with all safety and quality specifications.
This means you’ll be part of a team monitoring everything from incoming raw ingredients through to finished packed products.
Note that whilst, in many companies the roles of auditor and technician are combined, in some cases you may find them to be separate along the following lines:
The QA Technician actually does the routine checks and testing whereas the QA Auditor role involves checking the QA records and making sure that the company quality system is implemented correctly.

Category: Technical & Quality
Quality Assurance Managers make sure that the food manufacturing process is safe by monitoring and controlling the production process from raw ingredient intake through to packaging of finished products. They ensure that all processing meets rigorous standards of quality and hygiene.

As QA Manager you’d be responsible for setting up quality assessment processes which maintain these standards....

Category: Technical & Quality
Research Assistants in food and drink manufacturing work usually work as part of a team conducting scientific and technical investigations to find new ways to improve products or the way they are produced.

Research is vital to product safety, product innovation and new production techniques as well as enhanced formulations that may be used, for instance, to reduce sugar or salt content....

Category: Research
As a retail assistant in a food business you could be employed in a large supermarket, greengrocers or even a small specialist food shop or delicatessen; this means that your duties can vary.

Category: Retail
The retail manager is responsible for running the store on a day to day basis – in food retail this could be anything from a small delicatessen through to a large supermarket.

Category: Retail
You’ll provide a range of professional and technical advice to farms and estates to help them make the best use of their land.
This means valuing property and other assets, advising on legal issues, and helping to develop the land to maximise profits
You might work across a number of related job areas of specialise in a number including the following:
• agriculture
• auctioneering and valuation
• environmental regulations and practices
• forestry and forests
• property management
This means that Rural Practice Surveyors may also be known by specialist titles such as Land Agent, Forester, Environmental Consultant, Property Manager etc.

Category: Agriculture
As a Sales Executive you’ll be the key interface between your company and its customers so you’ll offer advice, deal with issues, and introduce them to new products.
You’ll also have a major role in capturing new customers and increasing sales to meet company business targets....

Category: Sales