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In your role as an Assistant Fish Farm Site Manager, you will support the Fish Farm Manager with all of the day to day operations on site.
There will also be occasions when you will have to deputise for the Fish Farm Manager as and when needed.
You’ll very likely have several years experience of fish farming techniques and a good understanding of fish husbandry.
Your responsibilities will involve the entire process, from the breeding of juvenile fish right through to harvesting and delivery to customers.

Category: Aquaculture
You’ll be responsible for the breeding and rearing of fish from fry to until they are ready for sale.
This means overseeing their feeding, keeping them disease free, and protecting them from predators.
The final stage of the process involves catching and harvesting the fish and preparing them for sale.
Alternatively you could be employed in a fish farm which specialises in developing breeding stock, then selling these juveniles to another farm along the supply chain.
Whilst the majority of fish farms concentrate on salmon and trout, some may specialise in shellfish such as mussels, oysters and scallops.

Category: Aquaculture