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Customer Insight Manager

What’s it all about then?

You’ll be working hard to create and build key relationships within your company’s customer base, which is likely to include one or more of the major supermarket chains.

As a Customer Insight Manager you’ll have been allocated a specific area of work on which to focus and this will depend on what your company actually manufactures and sells.

The job will mean that your time will mostly be spent analysing key data and using the insights gained to effectively forecast future sales and prices, help develop marketing strategies for your specific category and ensure that waste levels are minimised.

What might I be doing?

You’ll gather and analyse all relevant customer data as it applies to your category, customer or product and then use this to present the insights which you uncover, usually to those involved in sales and marketing.

Although mainly office based work, it’s likely that you will meet regularly with your external customers as well; the key people you’ll meet will include Technical, New Product Development and Commercial staff and you’ll help them with their strategies, which of course enhances your company sales.

What will be expected of me?

You’ll be expected to deliver detailed and accurate analysis on a timely basis and assist with recommendations for sales and marketing staff, as well as in put into the development of new products within your area of expertise.

What can I expect?

You can expect that you will become an expert both in the general area of category management and also the very specific product and or category for which you are responsible.

What about the pay?

A job such as this will be well remunerated in line with the fact that several years experience of market research is normally required.

Salaries vary from company to company with a figure between £30,000 and £45,000 being around the average.

What qualifications do I need to get in?

You’ll be likely to have a qualification at degree level as a minimum entry qualification for the role of Customer Insight Manager.

Graduate jobs are available in the area of market research and this is an ideal starting point for the Customer Insight Manager.

What about further training?

This may depend on your incoming qualification. Those qualified in the areas of marketing and consumer studies may undertake post-graduate study related to these fields.

Others without this may wish to commence training at undergraduate level or equivalent.

Anything else I might need to know?

Yes, as well as the research and reports that form the key part of your role, the meetings you will have with important representatives of your company mean that you are an ambassador for your employer on top of the rest of the job!