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Lucy Price — Customer Operations Co-ordinator

Name: Lucy Price
Job title: Customer Operations Co-ordinator
Employer: Saputo Dairy UK
Qualification: Event and Festival Management (BA Hons)
Salary Range: £22,250

Give a description of a day in the life of a Customer Operations Co-ordinator.

My days generally revolve around overseeing customer orders, from the order being placed to the order being received. This will involve preparing export paperwork for customs, managing vet inspections on our products of animal origin, organising transport for our orders, and running conference calls to review stock levels. During this I will liaise with many departments in and outside the business, including external transport companies, sales teams and account managers, inventory teams, production sites, and international customers. Never a dull day!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of pursuing this career?

Be enthusiastic about what you do – it will show in your work, and also how you come across to people both business & customer wide. It makes the job more understandable, but it also gives people a good impression of you and the business.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s a fast paced but rewarding environment so it never gets boring. It’s also constantly changing and evolving as new export requirements come into play, so the day-to-day processes are always being adapted.

What was your starting salary?


If you could give your 16 year old self some career advice, what would it be?

Not to worry about deciding a definitive career path at a young age and settling on that. It’s ok to want to try something new!