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Advanced Fish Quality Assessment

5 days

The advanced course covers all aspects of the assessment of fish quality, both QIM and TORRY schemes for whitefish, flatfish and oil rich fish. The programme is highly interactive and participants are able to develop and practice their assessment skills.

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Advanced Fish Smoking

5 days

A substantial training programme delivered at a Seafish approved trainer centre covering the brining, salting and smoking fish and shellfish. A mix of theory and practical activities, discussions and investigations during a week on hands on training. Participants will have opportunities to explore various processes, manage kilns, visit smoking businesses and discuss all aspects of commercial fish smoking in the UK.
We have dedicated training centres in Grimsby with venues elsewhere in the UK too. The One, two and five day programmes are delivered using the new AFOS Micro Kiln and Seafish approved trainers.

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Basic fish smoking

2 days

A short practical training programme delivered by a Seafish approved trainer covering the essentials of brining, salting and smoking fish.
A mix of theory and practical activities with opportunities to practice the preparation and smoking of fish, and the management of a mechanical smoking kiln.
This course can be delivered at a number of venues in the UK.

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Fish Frying and Customer Service Skills

1-2 days

Developed by Seafish and the NFFF, and delivered by distance learning with onsite assessments.
Available individually or as a combined programme for fish and chip shops. The distance learning programmes cover essentials of food safety and health and safety, plus either fish frying skills or customer service skills. Completion of the programme requires a work based skills and knowledge assessment. The qualification awarded is accredited by Seafish and the NFFF.

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Fish Frying Management

3 days

This 3 day training course available from the NFFF at their training academy in Leeds and at NFFF training venues elsewhere in the UK. The course is designed for new entrant owner managers and covers a mix of practical skills and commercial aspects of running a successful fish frying business.

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Health and Safety

This open learning programme can be used for self-study and can lead to a Level 2 CIEH or Elementary REHIS qualification in Health and Safety.
A flexible training programme that allows the learner to choose when and where to study.
The multiple choice test is administered by a Seafish approved invigilator and can usually be arranged at a very convenient time and place.
Also available as taught courses at level 1 and 2.

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Intermediate Food Hygiene

10-15 hours

This Level 3 food safety training programme is available online. A substantial online programme taking 10-20 hrs of study, with the 2 hr written examination available almost anywhere in the UK through a Seafish approved invigilator. The perfect choice for busy managers and supervisors who do not wish to attend a 2-3 day training course.

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Introduction to HACCP

1/2 day

With multiple scenarios from bivalve to fish frying, this half day HACCP course is an ideal starting point for you and your workforce. Introduction to HACCP is a REHIS/Seafish jointly awarded qualification delivered by Seafish approved trainers.
This level 1 programme is the perfect way of introducing HACCP to employees in a way that enables them to make their own contribution to the delivery of your HACCP Plan.

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Introductory Fish Smoking

1 day

A short training programme delivered by a Seafish approved trainer covering the essentials of brining, salting and smoking fish. A mix of theory and practical demonstrations. This course can be delivered at a number of venues in the UK.

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Introductory Fish/shellfish Quality Assessment


This one day taught course is available in three formats that cover raw fish quality assessment, fish quality assessment using cooked schemes or shellfish quality assessment. The raw fish and shellfish courses are aimed at fishmongers and other handling whole fish or shellfish. The cooked schemes course is ideal for those that handle part processed fish (fillets or frozen fish) such as buyers, chefs and fish frying managers.

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Industry Approved Programme
This mark means the qualification is an Industry Approved Programme, which has been designed and created by food & drink industry experts to include the specific elements employers will be looking for, meaning you will be trained to the highest standard and will be 100% work ready!